Terms and Conditions


1. EnLightenment is a smartphone microscope image competition coordinated by Heriot-Watt University, and sponsored by the Wellcome Trust and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
2. Participation. Any UK resident can participate in this contest, providing that the following requisites are fulfilled. By taking part in this contest, participants agree with these terms. By requesting a smartphone microscope kit, the school agrees that they will submit at least 5 images to the competition. Each pupil can submit a maximum of five images. The participants will provide their name, school or festival attended, as well as accompanying text about the image. The contact data will be used only for the purpose of the competition, and will not under any circumstances be given to a third party. Pupil’s surnames will not appear on the website prior to the winning images being displayed. The title and accompanying text will be also used during the evaluation process.
3. Dates. The images can be submitted for the contest from 20th August to 5pm on 20th November (GMT).
4. Requisites of the images. The sender certifies to be the author of the images. Such images must be produced in UK territory. The images have been obtained using the smartphone microscopes provided.
5. Evaluation process. During the evaluation process, only the image, its title and the accompanying text will be provided to the jury. The following criteria will be observed during the evaluation: visual appeal, originality, technical skills, educational aim and wow factor!
6. Awards. The following prizes will be awarded to the top images selected by the jury:
a. 1st prize: £1000 donated to the school science budget and an iPad mini for the winning pupil
b. 2nd award: £500 to the school science budget, and a £50 Amazon voucher for the winning pupil
c. Runners up: 10 x £20 Amazon vouchers

d. Prize winners will be invited to the awards ceremony at Heriot-Watt University in December 2015 and travel and hotel accommodation will be paid by EnLightenment.

7. Jury. The jury will be composed of a mix of scientists, artists and professionals in the area of scientific communication. Their decision will be final.
8. Exhibition. A selection of the best images selected by the jury and the organisations will be compiled to be exhibited on the Internet as well as in live exhibitions. The names of the authors and their schools will be displayed along with the title and the accompanying text.
9. Copyright and right to reproduce the image. By submitting images to EnLightenment, an image competition coordinated by Heriot-Watt University through the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences (“the Organiser”), the entrants confirm that they accept all the terms and conditions on this website. The entrants also declare that they are the legitimate and sole author, and that they own the property rights of the images. The entrants hereby agree for their images to be disclosed and used for the Evaluation Process (point 5), the Exhibition (point 8) and further promotion (point 10).
10. The entrants allow the Organiser the right to reproduce and publish the images as well as to exhibit them in any media for any purpose related to the contest, including but not limited to display in physical exhibitions, on-line galleries, or for publicity of the contest, or sub-licensing to the media for promoting the competition.

11. Entrants retain the copyright of the submitted images and the Organiser will make every reasonable effort to ensure that name credits are given to published images. The Organiser reserves the right to remove or refuse any entries that do not comply with the requisites of the competition. The Organiser assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or injury incurred as a result of participation in the competition, exhibition and awards. If a breach has occurred, the organisers may request the return of a prize.

Website Disclaimer

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